30 May 2009

More Silly Git Heads on Pikes Awards

Awarded to worthy persons whom Silly Git would most like to see their heads removed and placed on pikes in the D.C. Mall as a warning to other aspiring crooks and outlaws.

The offense: Blatant Racism. The offenders: Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan.

The announcement of Her Honor Judge Sonia Sotomayor as President Obama's pick to be the next Supreme Court Justice has all of the racist pricks in the GOP hopping mad. Their knickers obviously twisted tight enough to cut all blood flow to their brains (which are in their scrota), they have been shouting all manner of accusations, distortions, and outright lies. Of course, there is nothing unusual about this since this is their normal behavior these days since the minority haters have become a minority. What makes this unusual is their normally carefully concealed racism has been peeking out, leaking all over the floor making a stench and a noticeable puddle of vile corruption.

Check out Pat Buchanan on MSNBC on Friday.

When he said "that woman" it sounded like he really wanted to say "that spic bitch." No, I don't think I believe him when he says he's all for civil rights. He should be required to wear a tag labeled RACIST. At YouTube you can find a video of his racist performance after the Holder appointment. Pat is finding it harder and harder to hide his hatred of anyone not a white male. His hatred of women includes them all apparently or maybe it's just white woman who are Democrats that he hates. He is no longer fit to breath our air. His head should be removed and placed on a pike as a warning to all racists that racism is unacceptable in a civilized society.

We now move to this equally odious performance by Tom Tancredo on Hardball with David Shuster on Friday.

Laffy at the Political Carnival posted this article, 'Exec. Director Of Tancredo's PAC Guilty Of "Karate Chop" Assault On African-American Woman', which contains a few links to more examples of Tom Tancredo's racism. This racist pals around with racists. I am a white caucasian male that thinks that Tancredo is a nasty racist whose head should be ripped off and placed on a pike.

The one bright spot in all of this nastiness is that the GOP is not winning any minority friends with this behavior. They already have the Klan and neonazi vote. It's looking like shrinking the party down to the hardcore fascists and only the hardcore fascists is their goal. I think it is working. I don't think they'll get a single hispanic vote until 2029 at the earliest. It will take some time for people to forget this nastiness.


  1. This is wonderful in some ways. This is who they are, and this is the way they built their base. Now they're forgetting to even thinly veil the racism and sexism and it's out there. Of course, both Buchanan and Tancredo also hold the national land record for xenophobia taboot.

  2. Yes, Buchanan has been outed more than once for his racism. Of course Tancredo has too. I really think MSNBC, well not them so much as Shuster and Ed, maybe, not so sure about him, but Shuster is just doing this on purpose to show exactly how ignorant the right is getting. He is just letting them hang themselves. He did the same thing to Douchebourgh last year, I can't remember if it was in Denver or in St Paul, but he just let him go nuts on the air.. it was Priceless.. lol

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