25 May 2009

The American Health Care for some System

While catching up on the blogoshere I ran across this post by ZenYenta lamenting the current state of our so called Health Care System. The full story is blogged at WriteChic Press Blog by WriteChic. That post is just the latest in a long series of roadblocks that have prevented Eric De La Cruz from getting the new heart that he so desperately needs.

To get the entire story, this link will take you to a page at WriteChic Press that lists all of the stories about Eric with the oldest story on the bottom. To read the story in chronological oreder read the stories from bottom to top.

The next time you hear someone say how wonderful our health care system is working and how awful a single payer system would be show them Eric De La Cruz's story and ask them if that's what they call a properly functioning health care system. The really sad reality is that Eric's story is pretty par for the course in our current system.


  1. I read this and was amazed the hospital was still saying no... Not sure why I was amazed, but I was.. I guess I still have that little bit of an optimist in me...lol

    I hope soon, Congress will get things together and get a bill to the President, but something that is good, not just anything. We need something that is worthwhile.

  2. Ugh. And we call ourselves "civilized."

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