21 May 2009

Lush the magic white guy

Lush Rimjob wants MSNBC to not mention him for a month. He's asked them to ignore him. He implied that their ratings are what they are because they are always beating up on him. This is a hoot.

The man has spent the last twenty years living under the rule of any publicity is good publicity. He says many things specifically so that he will get free publicity from other outlets. He suddenly wants this to stop? What's up with that?

I think what he really means is that he wants Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Dave Shuster, and Ed Schultz to ignore him for 30 days. He got used to the media just quoting his bullshit with no critical analysis. That was free publicity. When Keith, Rachel, Dave and Ed quote him, they then proceed to eviscerate his chicanery. This is not good publicity when people are showing what a lying sack of shit you are.

Keith is not going to ignore the fat, bouncing, bloviating, beachball of bastardry. And that makes me smile.


  1. Their ratings are what they are because Americans were hungry for some news shows with a more progressive point of view. It's not all about Rush. They show the lies of all the right wing nutjobs. If he really wants them to stop talking about him, he'll stop saying all the stupid, hateful things he says.

    Keep it up Rachel and Keith (I don't get to watch the others)!

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  3. Dangit! I had to edit the comment.

    Git, if Rush Limbaugh disappeared from all media except his own show I'd shed no tears.

    I am letting all good progressives know that they should call 1-800-WALGREE, press option 4, and tell the Walgreens company "thank you" for buying ad time on Keith Olbermann's show. And probably Rachel Maddow as well.

    I took some calls from the other side last week. Just one of the things that make me happy to be unemployed...

  4. Ablamj - Yes. Exactly.

    I should have also pointed out that MSNBC would stop reporting on RUsh if he would stop saying things that half-truths and outright lies. If his Radio Show contained nothing but factually correct information, MSNBC would have nothing to report. It's all his doing and he has the control to get them to stop talking about him.

    Matt -

    Thanks for the info on Walgreens. I'll call them today.

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss of job. I hope you can find another soon.

  5. Great info about Walgreens. I will be calling them too.

    Great job Git.. I think you are exactly right on this. Lush Rimjob is just trying to get MORE publicity not less.. He is such an ass.. I can't stand to listen to him.. it is all I can do to read some of the transcripts at Media Matters.

  6. Lush Rimjob? That's pretty classy.

    How many people watch DNCTV? Like 12? Olby and the rest of the crew are pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

    Especially compared to Rush.

  7. I prefer Retch Limpdong.

    Some people say that Retch uses distortions, half-truths, and outright lies some of the time to put out a point of view in direct conflict with reality.

    They are wrong.

    Retch uses distortions, half-truths, and outright lies ALL of the time to put out a point of view in direct conflict with reality.

    It doesn't require a degree in Political Science to recognize the propaganda techniques the Retch uses so well. It oly takes a few minutes with google to see how he twists stories to suit his whatever bit of fakery he's pushing this minute.

    More people watch Keith than you realize. Try showing where Keith distorts the facts to push an ideologically based propaganda point.

    Retch put out nothing but BS and lies all the time. My children can and do debunk his pitiful propaganda. You could too.

  8. Ah yes, Keith Olbermann is definately the bastion of journalistic integrity and independent thought. Why, his list of guests is so ideologically diverse! And the questions posed are so hard hitting! I haven't seen such honest since the last time I ventured over to Proganda Matters...errrr Media Matters.

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