30 May 2009

More Miscellanea

Scientology Fraud Trial begins in France

The Cult of Scientology has European issues again. Having been banned in Germany as a dangerous unlawful Cult that defrauds its membership of large sums of money, it now faces a potentially similar fate in France. VeraLynn pointed out to me that Dr. Jonathan Turley blogged about this story in the UK Independent. This case, which started in the late 1990s, is finally going to trial. This has been drug out this long because the CoS lost two fraud cases in France in the 90s, and were convicted of violating privacy laws in 2002. A third fraud conviction could get them shut down in France just as they are in Germany. The case has been delayed because of the CoS's unlimited ability to hire unlimited numbers of attorneys to make anything take forever. Battling the CoS in a courtroom is like fighting IBM in court over intellectual property ownership. Even if you are right, it will cost an enormous amount to prove it, and if you are wrong, it will cost even more.

I hope that justice is done. The CoS spends very large sums to impede justice. No one in the U.S. has dared to sue them for a very long time. The media ignores them because everyone that's ever done a story on them has been sued. The CoS is just one of those things the MSM completely ignores even when they get caught red handed killing members (google Lisa McPherson).

Don't ask, Don't Tell

This is a topic I've been meaning to blog about, but Annette beat me to it with an outstanding, must read, post at her blog.

Transfer of Wealth

The conservatives are always railing against the transfer of wealth. Well not really always. When the transfer of wealth is from the poor to the rich they are actually quite happy with the transfer of wealth. Apparently it's all about who winds up with the wealth. I ran across this very excellent article at SMU called Reagan: The great American Socialist. So transfer of wealth is fine when it is being transfered from the poor and middle class to the wealthy. Keep that in mind when they start bitching again about the transfer of wealth. We've had lots of transfer, but its been in the wrong direction.

Talibangelicals goose-stepping with the Brotherhood of Christ to the tune of Hatred

What do they hate? Anything not like them. Sierradrinker pointed out this interesting collection of Quotes from the The American Taliban. This should explain why I call them Christofascists. Their own words show them to be hateful fascist bigots much better than my descriptions can. Their definition of freedom is "You have the freedom to think exactly like us or else." Authoritarians just don't grok freedom. They know the word, but its meaning escapes them.


  1. I don't know much about Scientology really, but I do know that one of my son's friends, back when they were little kids probably failed to get the help he needed because his mother preferred their approach. The kid was very intelligent but he clearly had ADD. I think we were just calling it hyperactivity. He couldn't stop being disruptive in school. He couldn't pay attention for more than a few minutes. He was always hurting himself by attempting clearly dangerous stunts. The school wanted testing and maybe special ed for a while but Mom didn't want him labeled that way. I guess constantly getting left back was better. Anyway, she decided to get him "cleared" via Scientology instead. This was all 15 or 20 years ago. Last I heard he was dealing drugs down south.

  2. The CoS is vehemently opposed to psychology and psychological medications. The explanation for this takes too long and sounds very silly, but they are at war with psychology. Some medications are over prescribed to children that don't really need them. However, people suffering from ADHD can be treated very simply with medication that is low risk with huge benefits. Scientologists routinely deprive their children of medication that would help greatly. I am reluctant to criticize the parents since I also believe in religious freedom. I don't mind pointing out that I think them foolish for taking the word of a con man over the scientifically established truth of the benefits of certain drugs for treating certain conditions just becaue LRH believes that all psychologists are in league with Xenu to enslave all thetans. (I told you it would sound silly.)

  3. First of all, Thanks for the shout out and the kind words, you make me blush.

    Second, Scientology is such a weird kind of so called religion, cult organization they are more than scary, they really need to be stomped out. They are so entrenched in some of the "popular" people and Hollywood types it has become an "in" thing to join it.

    I think that is now slowing and maybe stopping now, but for a while it was a stream. More and more of these lawsuits will stop that, we can hope.

    I really can't stand anything Reagan, except Ron, Jr.. he is the best thing, and the only good thing that came out of there...lol

    As to the American Taliban... today their big thing is, yelling about the Pres. & First Lady going to New York, even though Shrub made 77 trips to Crawford.

    They just need to stay classy...

  4. The Cult of $cientology exists for only one reason: to keep sales of L. Ron Hubbard's dreadful fiction going. And really, it's dreadful. Really really dreadful. The Co$ recently reissued some of his really, really dreadful pulp novels and by God but they are terrible. Avoid them at all costs.

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