19 May 2009


I've run across several interesting things recently that I thought I should pass along in case you hadn't seen them. I think most of them were pointed out in comments by the wonderful regular commenters at Bob Cesca's Goddamned Awesome Blog. If I can remember, I'll try to give credit to whomever pointed it out. Please leave a comment if I get any wrong and you know who should get the credit.

First up is How to Be a Right-Wing Troll in Ten Easy Steps by ryking at schizokultura. I don't remember who pointed this one out, it may have been Annette, but I'm glad they did because this describes wrong-wing trolls to a T.

I have always pointed out that if one compares the ideology of neoconservatives as documented by Richard Perle with the ideologies of more familiar political ideologies one discovers that neoconservatism is nothing more than fascism with some minor tweaks. VeraLynn pointed out a link to the Project for an Old American Century's (POAC) 14 Points of fascism: The warning signs. They have gathered a tremendous amount of evidence that supports the conclusion that the Bush administration was a fascist regime. I had already concluded that myself, but now I have a pointer to a site that has it all documented. Good job POAC.

Another link from VeraLynn is Physicians for a National Health Program which is a non-profit research and education organization of 16,000 physicians, medical students and health professionals who support single-payer national health insurance. The Republicans are trying to keep a single payer system from being discussed at all. I'm sure I'll be blogging on this subject many times. It's good to know that a Physicians organization exists to promote a Single Payer Health program.

Finally, here's one I dug up when I was arguing with some scientologists and referred to the Cult of Scientology (they really don't like the C-word), here are the fifteen Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups. The CoS meets all fifteen, in spades. These will be used again in a post very soon.


  1. Scientology has always been and will always be a cult, much like other so called religions. The biggest one Mormonism, or that is my opinion. It also fits every one of the characteristics and then some.

    The fact that they are in our government has always scared the hell out of me. They are worse than what regular so called Christians would be without the separation we push all the time. Shrub destroyed enough, we don't need more than that.

  2. I agree with your assessment on both accounts.

    The scariest thing about Scientology is that LRH actually wrote that Scienos needed to infiltrate government to suborn them into being CoS friendly and the Office of Special Affairs was set up to do just that. CoS was found guilty of the largest domestic espionage case in US history in the late 70s. They stole files about the CoS from the IRS and FBI. They have been rewarded for their illegal behavior by being given a tax exempt status.

    I don't have a problem with individual Scientologists. It is their Constitutional right to believe whatever they like. The Church of Scientology I do have a problem with because it is a criminal organization masquerading as a church.