17 May 2009

Announcing the Silly Git Heads on Pikes Awards

Awarded to worthy persons whom Silly Git would most like to see their heads removed and placed on pikes in the D.C. Mall as a warning to other aspiring crooks and outlaws.

Tonight's Award winners are Richard 'little Dicky' Cheney and Donald 'Unknown Unknowns' Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld can best be described as a arrogant prick asshole. He always knows more about any topic even when he knows nothing about the topic. Experts are to be ignored. Thinks beating prisoners to death is an acceptable policy. This man is a war criminal and his head belongs on a pike.

Cheney shoots his friends in the face for recreation. Cheney lies at every opportunity and goes way out of his way to create more opportunities to lie. He tells us that he thinks that torture is a valid interrogation technique while he knows that torture was used to extract false testimony from the unfortunates that fell into his clutches. This man is completely reprehensible, is a war criminal, and his head belongs on a pike.

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