27 June 2010

‘72 Mustang Uses Water for fuel

Interesting news from Steve Schappert of the facebook BIOS Watercar group:

Steve Schappert & Steve Melycher (Steve Squared) of the BIOS Organization in Brookfield will be driving a ’72 Mustang cross country with a hydrogen generator that produces hydrogen on demand that has tripled gas mileage in similar vehicles. They will be meeting with other Hydrogen experts along the way and asking them to share some knowledge to see if we can all figure out how to make a car run completely on water. Schappert posted this concept on FaceBook, and was contacted by Alexandra Bruce, one of the founding members of YO MTV Raps about making a movie, music video and book about the concept, with him as the lead character. The Title is “BIOS WaterCar” This road trip, documentary will be like introducing Al Gore to the Blues Brothers, mixing entertainment with education. The team has been recruiting sponsors for their grass roots project to help the world transition from an oil based economy. Families have agreed to host them during their journey, mechanics have volunteered their services to get the car running well enough to make the journey and friends and sponsors have been sending money for expenses.They hope to reach $10,000 in the next week before they begin the journey.

After creating the concept Schappert researched many available hydrogen systems and found what he considered to be the best in class, one unit that produces nearly 3 times as much hydrogen per minute as any other competitor. The manufacturer mentioned getting 30% more horsepower, a cleaner engine, lower emissions and significant fuel savings. The manufacturer also mentioned actual cases of a ’69 Camaro going from 10-32 mpg and a ’97 Oldsmobile going from 20-67 mpg. Schappert then contacted the owner and asked him to donate his most powerful unit for the movie. “It all sounds great”, said Schappert, but I’m not going to buy it, I want you to donate it for my project. I will drive 9000 miles across North America with a camera man in the passenger seat and if the unit works great, I will sell them for you and if it does’nt I will post the results on youtube and you will most likely go out of business.” I give the owner a lot of credit, because he donated the unit knowing the upside and downside. We have installed the unit and will begin our journey today June 14th . For more information go to http://BIOSWaterCar.com/

(Picture on website press release: Peter Jam of Beirut Lebanon, one of 19 bands that performed at the installation ceremony and music video for the BIOS WaterCar)


  1. Seems you got tired of hanging out over at Bob Cesca's Awesome blog quite a while back..

    It's too bad. You were a sage among the regulars over there.

    Hope everythings going well!

    greets from Germany,

  2. Thank you for the kind words Dan. I may wander back there yet.

    I have much respect for Bob. We disagreed about Medicare for all and some of the others there made me feel unwelcome. I don't wish to cause friction since I respect them all so I decided I should make myself scarce.

    I didn't get tired. I just don't like pissing people off and that is what I was doing without even trying. Had I been pissing them off intentionally, I would be there still. I have no hard feelings but I think that some of them do.

    And so it goes.

  3. I've also become rather politically active in the Tampa Bay area. I've been working hard on getting progressives elected to every seat. No corporatists, real progressives. I'm active with MoveOn.org here too.

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