10 February 2010

Bursting some Delusions of the Self-Servatives.

Objectivists, Tea Party Protesters, the Religious Wrong (Christofascists), and Neocons (fascists) are all Self-Servatives that refuse to acknowledge that they have responsibilities to other people in society by virtue of being a member of society. They claim to be self contained and not responsible for anyone else because they neither ask for or take anything from others in society. They do not grok that calling the fire department when their house catches fire is taking. Calling the police is taking. Using public roads and bridges is taking. This article explores various aspects of their delusions about not being a sharing member of society and not recognizing their duties to that society.

The self-servatives say "The people in Massachusetts are opposed to Health Care Reform."

The people in MA voted the way they did exactly because the Senate's bill was exactly like what MA has. Everyone in MA now must buy insurance from insurance companies and they all have $3000 deductibles per person. So you get to pay insurance premiums for what used to be called major medical AND you get to pay for your doctor and pharmaceuticals yourself. I have type 1 diabetes and I would not fill up that deductible in a year without being hospitalized. The people in MA are very unhappy with the HCR as proposed by the corporatists in DC. It's exactly like what they have and what they have blows chunks. I talked to my friends in MA to ask them what was going on because I surmised that I could not trust the BS from the corporate propaganda dispensers that call themselves a news media.

They also say "Socialism is bad and doesn't work. Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt."

The proper way to fix medicare and social security is to stop stealing from its revenue stream to pay for other things. The Congress have been stealing from social security to pay for things like SDI and MX missiles forever. Daniel Moynihan was bitching about stealing from social security in 1972. The practice never stopped and it got expanded to stealing from medicare under Reagan. Reagan reduced 'taxes' by reducing income tax rates a bit and then raising Medicare and Social Security deductions which are not considered a 'tax' even though they are. If you were actually paying attention instead of listening to the neocon bullshit you would have noticed that the amount deducted from your paycheck actually went up, not down. When you consider how State and local taxes went up after Reagan's cuts, the typical middle class person's total tax burden increased significantly during the 1980s in spite of the neocon rhetoric about 'tax cuts'. Only the very wealthy benefited from tax cuts as the Capital Gains tax cut was an actual tax reduction which does not usually help the middle class very much if at all.

The self-servatives say "Health Care is not a Right. It's not listed in the Constitution as a right."

They read the bill of rights and can't find health care and so it's not a right. This is a reading comprehension problem. The bill of rights clearly states that is is not an exclusive list of rights, it only lists the ones that might not be obvious and that there is a large number of inalienable rights that are not listed (such as privacy, which the wrong wing is hell bent on doing away with.).

In the preamble of the constitution it clearly states that one of the responsibilities of the federal government is to promote the general welfare. If having forty-five thousand citizens die every year because they do not have a means to obtain health care is promoting the general welfare, then I am a horseshoe crab.

I wonder why we wrote into the Iraq constitution that health care is a right. We are paying for Iraq to have socialized health care. WE pay so that they can have something we don't even provide for ourselves.

Why did WE pay to build nice new hospitals all over Iraq? Could it be that Cheney wanted to give lots of money to Halliburton and KBR at taxpayer expense? Could this all really be about corporate welfare? We throw bailout money at banks and their executives give themselves billions in bonuses. Now we throw God knows how much at the insurance cartel.

The insurance cartel is a parasite. They exist only to bleed money from the revenue stream into their own pockets. With insurance cartels operating at a 20 to 40% cut of the health care revenue stream, THEY ARE THE MAJOR COST IN THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. And yet they do not provide any service that contributes to health care. They are money pipes and reservoirs which leak heavily. They should be replaced with a system that doesn't leak. It's our money they are taking for providing nothing but grief.

If you are serious about reducing costs, you'd kick those bandits to the curb. They increase costs at the service providers by forcing them to have to hire people just to interface with insurance companies and then argue with them when they refuse to approve a procedure to be done. Since I have diabetes I have much more experience with the insurance cartel weasels. They provide no health care and only make providing health care more difficult. The quicker we replace them with a single payer system, the better off we'll be.

Throughout the world, the highest singly payer overhead is around %3.5. I think that was Spain, but I could be wrong. Medicare currently operates at 1.5% overhead so there is no reason to expect that Medicare for All would run any higher than a 2% overhead. Gee, thats one tenth the overhead of the lowest overhead insurance company. In the single payer system, the stockholders receive health care, not dividends.

I have no idea why the wrong wing fights so hard to protect unnecessary middlemen. It's voting against your own best interests. They don't want to provide help to people that can't work, but they'll throw billions at companies that provide no useful service. The insurance cartel is in the 'we make money without doing anything useful to anyone' business. Once upon a time what they do would have been called a protection racket. I'm rather annoyed that misinformed ideologues want to keep the racketeers in business.

Wrong wing self-servatives are always saying "I got mine, screw everybody else" and "I take care of myself, I shouldn't have to support a bunch of losers who can't take care of themselves." and they say "I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps."

This is because they are defective socially. They live with the absurd notion that no one needs anyone else. They can get by without the help of anyone. They isolate themselves and refuse to learn anything from anyone else. They live on their virtual island denying the fact that they actually depend on society.

Anti-social twatwaffles*.

Back when we were hunter-gatherers, these clowns would have been ejected from the tribe to starve. Tribe members that refused to share were a huge liability. Hunter-gatherer tribes were a highly integrated (socialized) survival collective. Every tribe member depended on every other tribe member. Humans are a highly social species that are normally highly interconnected. Since the antisocial members were ejected to starve on their own, antisocial genetics were weeded out. This has broken down in our broken current society. The anti-social are no longer being ejected to starve. They benefit from society while loudly proclaiming that they do not. They are delusional and tiresome.

You can take the individual out of the collective but you can't take the need for the collective out of the individual.

Many do not realize that humans from 20 thousand years ago are virtually identical to ourselves in every way but size (we've been getting larger over time). Our needs dictated by genetics are the same. The social collective need is hard coded in our DNA. The greedy selfish pricks were always ejected from the tribe to die by themselves. This caused genes with social skills to be passed on to future generations while selfish genes were pruned out of the gene pool. Apparently the genes causing selfishness is is a mutation which keeps coming back into the gene pool and since we no longer eject them to die, we are overrun by self-servatives.

That's one of my theories to explain their anomalous behavior. Our collective has developed our technology well beyond anything our ancestors could have imagined. Even with greedy self-servatives fucking things up and pretending they pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps. They didn't pull themselves up. They were standing on the shoulders of their ancestors. As we all are.

They expect us to believe that their parents taught them nothing. They never attended school or read a book. No other human ever taught them anything.

We still rely on each other. You aren't born with knowledge of computer systems pre-existing in your head. You read books written by others and were taught by others and yet you don't need anyone else? I'm not sure how that works. Your job exists only because your company needs specialists that can perform your specialized job function. All those other humans at your place of work are the reason your job exists. You are dependent on a very large number of people. Do you grow your own food? Do you build your own transportation system?
  • George Washington Bridge - socialism
  • Subways - socialism
  • Military - socialism
  • Public Schools - socialism
  • Public Libraries - socialism
  • Interstate Highways - socialism
  • Fire and Police services - socialism
  • Every road, bridge, water and sewer system - all socialism

Our lives would be so much improved if we did away with socialism. Everyone that wants to cross the Hudson should hire their own contractors to build their own bridge.

I have to pay to install pipes to carry your shit, but you are unwilling to pay to provide health care. How about you take care of your own shit. You don't need anyone else.

There is nothing in the constitution about bridges, roads, and sewers either but we aren't stupid enough to dream up asinine reasons to prevent those from being built.

I love the Tea Party Protesters. They drive on public roads to go stand on public sidewalks and in public parks or at public libraries so that they can protest socialism. The irony is so thick it's choking me. If cluelessness is a virtue, they are mightily virtuous.

Then they say "Aren't we a little more advanced then hunter-gatherers?"

Only technologically.

Socially, physiologically, and psychologically we are identical. Human behavior within their own collectives has not changed. Our collectives have gotten larger because technology allows for much larger tribe sizes.

Don't fool yourself into thinking you are any smarter then the hunter gatherers. They just hadn't invented written language, Laplace transforms, semiconductors, and nuclear weapons yet and these are all the result of our interdependence which allows for specialized skill sets. The hunter gatherers also utilized specialization. The most skilled at crafting Clovis points did nothing else. The most skilled at hunting did nothing else.

The notion of being self sufficient, self contained, and pulling oneself up by one's bootstraps is a fairy tale. It's a line of BS the corporate overlords feed to the gullible masses.  Why?  It's called divide and conquer.  As individuals we are powerless.

The playing field has never been level. Bill Gates' parents gave him 20 million to start Microsoft. My parents couldn't give me 20 million. You couldn't even get venture capital for a company like Microsoft then. I tried to get VC to start a UPS company in 1982. Couldn't get any because no one believed the product would sell. We had a great business plan. Four or five years later someone with family money started APC, then VC money rolled in for them.

The playing field is far from level.

* twatwaffle n.
An elitist that is totally unaware of their own faults and limitations but is highly critical of others.

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