04 June 2009

Pat Buchanan, Racist Fossil

I've already awarded this white supremacist bigot a Heads on Pikes Award for his blatant racism. This man is a living fossil, a throwback to the 50s when white men ruled everything and everyone else 'knew their place'. Pat stumbles exceedingly slowly towards the tar pit that awaits him. I wish someone would just hurl him in and stop our torture. His 'ideology' is a vicious toxic cesspool that only degrades our society.

Pat's recent antics are receiving deserved criticism in the liberal blogosphere. Last evening Bob Cesca, who is without a doubt one of the finest political bloggers in the U.S., published an excellent article
"A Brief for Pat Buchanan: The Invincible Race-Baiter" over at Huffington Post. If you haven't read this, do so.


  1. It was an excellent post by Bob. I think maybe one of his best. Certainly nailed Buchanan and MSNBC.. why they continually have him on I do not understand. I see the douche having him, because they think alike in so many ways, but after that I don't understand it. I never did see why Rachel had him on there.. that was just foreign to me.

  2. Buchanan is the man who declared culture war in America in 1992. For that act alone he should be titled Demagogus kulturkampfus and displayed in a museum of ancient history.

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